v​/​a Revolution Autumn

by Various Artist



Skena Emotive hardcore di indonesia memang berangkat dari asupan 3rd wave emotive hardcore yang tak lepas dari popularity dan tentunya stereotype. Stereotype bahwa sound ini tak lebih dari trend hairstyle dan unnecessary whining. Tapi bangsa ini bukan bangsa yang terima begitu saja. Sound - sound pionir dari 90s midwest emo, DC revolution summer dan postrock-emo seperti slint dan appleseed cast juga menyebar secara perlahan di kalangan musisi bawah tanah Indonesia. Mungkin karena kemuakan atas eksploitasi gimmick maupun kebosanan sound yang seragam.

Emotive Hardcore ada atas kebosanan akan kekerasan tak berguna di moshpit. Ia menyelami sisi romantisisme dari sebuah agresifitas yang terus menderu. Ia tak serta merta hanya mengeksploitasi sisi soft dan rapuhnya manusia, namun ia mencoba menjalin benang merah antara ketidakadilan hidup, opresi dengan sentimentalitas. Emotive hardcore ada karena menyampaikan pesan bukan hanya teriak lantang dan protes, namun juga mengajak untuk introspeksi dan refleksi. Menjadi resah dan sensitif akan sesuatu yang salah di lingkungan sekitar dan menyampaikannya ke orang banyak.

Kompilasi ini muncul untuk menjawab tanda tanya apakah sound emotive Hardcore di indonesia hanya yang mampu dijual gimmicknya. Ini sebenarnya adalah sound yang merepresentasikan generasi band emotive Hardcore yang mementingkan ledakan emosi yang tidak dipaksakan.

terima kasih untuk semua yang sudah membantu rilis nya kompilasi ini. kompilasi ini bukan bertujuan untuk mengkotak kotak kan sebuah genre musik. tujuan kompilasi ini sederhana saja, sebagai arsip penanda jaman bahwa di era ini ada sebuah skena emotive Hardcore atau 90's emo/screamo atau skramz. suka atau tidak suka, skena musik ini ada, lekat dengan etika DIY hardcorepunk dan bukan sebagai sebuah bagian dari apa yang dulu pernah di populerkan oleh generasi MTV.

The emotive hardcore scene in Indonesia has truly picked up since the advent of 3rd wave emotional hardcore’s popularity and stereotypes. It goes without saying that emo does tend to be associated with trendy hairstyles and unnecessary whining. However, a few of us Indonesians found discontent with these stereotypes. The pioneering sounds of midwest emo, DC’s revolution summer and post-rock-emo such as Slint and Appleseed cast found a following across the Indonesian underground. Perhaps due to exploitation of gimmicks or maybe in the uniformity of sounds found in the scene.

Emotive Hardcore found its way due to boredom and the needless violence found in the moshpits. This is the romatisiced version of a dulling aggression. The exploitation of the fragility of the human condition, connecting the dots of the inequality of life; the oppression and the sentimentality of it all. Emotive Hardcore exists to convey messages not only within senseless screaming and protest, but also a call to introspection and self-reflection. To become uncomfortable and sensitive to the wrongs of our surroundings and communicating them to a larger audience who ever that may be.

This compilation came to be; to question wether or not Emotive Hardcore in Indonesia is all but a gimmick. This is the sound of a generation of bands which favours honest explosions of emotion over anything else.

Thanks to those who have helped us make this possible. This compilation’s goal is not to box those in a specific genre but document, a piece of history if you will, of an era in which Emotive Hardcore or 90’s emo/screamo or even skramz (love it or hate it) exists in the Indonesian underground landscape.


released March 1, 2014

All Songs recorded by the bands
Collected and Mastered by Indra and Ari Mindblasting All Copyrights belongs to the bands
Layout and Design by Toro Elmar
Linear Note by Alfan and Indra
Curated by Alfan and Indra
released by: Relamati Records, Rizkan Records, Sailboat Records



all rights reserved


Sailboat Records Jakarta, Indonesia

DIY label. Jakarta. Music for deaf ears. Hurdling power chords into the endless abyss of a sea nothingness.

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Track Name: Senja Dalam Prosa - Niskala
Palsu akan semua panorama sendu
mimpi di ujungnya
terdiam terpaku mengusik pilu
palsu menyelimuti, kala dosa menyertaimu
mengikutimu, cerita telah kau hianati
dalam ranah yang tak berujung temu
aku memegang keyakinan berbentuk batu
bersama cemas yang melekat seperti karat
perihal cinta dan mata belati serta hati
panorama sendu
Track Name: SadStory On Sunday - HOME II: All We Need to Do is Stop Digging, and Just Look at the Sky
Kesombongan manusia terekam dalam zaman
Alam yang telah kau nistakan, dan kau coba hancurkan
Bersama menuju kehancuran
Awan, angin meniupkan bencana
Tanah, langit meniupkan ujian
Tak akan berhenti disini
Tak akan berhenti
Kita berbicara, “bahasa” yang sama Meniupkan “nafas” yang sama
Track Name: A City Sorrow Built - Song#3
As the sky paints a shade of grey
A memory strikes me of a life once lived
A life with you, oh
Those hospital visits not so long ago
To cleanse your blood but yet your blood still runs through me
I miss you, we miss you
I lay here as the gods they... Cast you away
Your loving soul, your loving way
Track Name: LKTDOV - Is It A Dream Within A Dream?
i was a strand a mid the roar
i’m on a surf tormented shore through my finger to the deep
this vow my fringe you are the sheep you are the sheep
is it a dream within a dream?
Track Name: Amukredam - Stagnansi
Siang tersenyum riang, mentari menari
Tawa tertawa, Menghunus pisau
sendu mati

Aku dan malam, bertatap
berdansa waltz
tanpa not datar

(Dan kata, terkapar, dipojokan ku membusuk)
Track Name: Rêveur - Lamentation
times flies so fast
history repeats itself
captivated by the myth of great expectations optimism, how to frame it?
i became too anxious
these dream has been broken
i’d holding onto the light
i, i want to tear down the wall
of my self unconsciousness
Track Name: Vague - Endless Summer
I Would like to give up everything to regain
nothing in return
New Mistakes, old regrets
All the things that could’ve been said
All the words we can’t take back It’s too late
You’re too late

Let’s celebrate the fact that we could die tomorrow
Let’s celebrate the fact that we have no control
The leaves they will turn red as the summer
Our hopes will fade away but the feeling remains
Track Name: TAKETHISLIFE - Fly Like A Fish, Dive As A Bird
I took the road less travelled
I took the hardest path of rocky roads The weird, The strange, The freaky ways
I took the road less travelled This is just me, I live the way I live
I fly like a fish
I dive as a bird
I’m a lion, I eat nothing but vegetables I’m a turtle, I run as fast as the light
I’m a crow, I hate death and pestilence
You are a supermodern smartphone You are fucking useless
You live in an information age
You are only watching stupid sinetrons You took the same road
You turn into the same boring people
Open your fucking mind Open your fucking mind
I fly like a fish, I die I dive as a bird This is just me, I live the way I live
Track Name: Shorthand Phonetics - Awry (Well, Fly Her Apart Then!)
Awry! Contacts incoming
and coming fast, we are fucked wake up and man the turrets, let us put up! a decent fight
Bearing 238 mark 67
We will lose em in the asteroid fields (navigating is gonna be tricky)
no shit sherlock that is the point
Half-speed, the buggers are persistant indeed (well they are drones)
Ahh shit, only one thing to do now
find a clear warp line!
(may i remind you
we’re only rated for warp nine we wont survive)
what choice do we have (we’ll fly her apart)
we’ll fly her apart then!
(sif at 56, we should have just let out an emp burst) why didnt you say that before?
(well you pushed the button before i could suggest it) ahh shit that would have been the sensible thing to do wouldnt it
Track Name: woodcabin. - tikoh.
dreadful noise and lonesome when you know it.
shred it on and on when you know it.
i won’t check out.
Track Name: What The Sparrow Did To You - Strangers
“When the circle is shaken with its final earthquake the circle discharges its burdens and man says what is wrong with it?
that day, it will report its news because someone has commanded it.
the people will depart, separated into groups to be shown the result of their deeds
So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it and whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.”

they say we’re so old fashioned,
our rites won’t help us.
we’re the dumbest so called beautiful people we’re the most impassioned ugly people, they say but what come as a stranger, it will be back as a stranger as well

you’re not the one who forced us to bow down

we’re so destined to be the obscured one
but you will never realized that sooner or later,
and before your very eyes, we’ll get closer to the day

for all those tired eyes, for all those collapsible lungs for all those who bitter and jaded,
we’ll be just moving on
Track Name: Gauth - Buried
Screams are heard though a soundless cell this is something all of you can
tell one person is alone and bleeding inside.
Track Name: Lights Out - Stuttered Words
Don’t point the blame, when you can’t find nothing. Look into yourself, and you might finding something. Here I am, just a speckle of dust in this gigantic world. I found myself by forgetting.
Rise before you fall.
It’s never too late to turn it back around.
Don’t bury your demons deep beneath the ground. Rise before you fall.
When all things feels like dragging and putting you down.
Life turn into an upside down, we will overcome!
Behind the tears, inside the lies.
Searching the meaning of life in this confusing world. It’s almost like I’ve been stargazing, but the sky is right here above me.
I’m so alone, blurrs of smell, sight, and sound.
I saw myself standing on thin ice.
I’m facing my fears inside of me.
Living each day that I ever give in.
My mind lost in the way.
But can’t you see me, won’t take my step back.
I never said that this life could be easy.
I always try to be better for my fuckin’ self. Is there a right way for being strong. Feels like I’m doing thing all wrong.
Track Name: Laora - A Help Denied
Cornered by your own situation
The cornerstones of your perfect life lost its intention
Severely drowned by dissapointment
Stranded in a chronic ignorant

So Here I Am In Open Arms
I let myself Offer a hand So Here I Am In Open Arms So you can get Out of There Soon
Assistance refused rejected No aid shall needed upon thee Said the rule, you yourself decree
Said the one that played with treachery
Said you before a mirror Said you who betray yourself Said you who struggle over existance

So Here I Am
In Open Arms
I let myselfOffer a hand So Here I Am
In Open Arms
So you can get
Out of There
You find yourself ignorant To bitter reflection
But you refuse But you reject And you Deny And you told me to stay away and you told me to leave
And I walked away with regret
with regret...
Track Name: No Love - Veins
blessed by hate. Smile like a tragedy. With closed eyes, so much pride in you and that is false. Guilty, unforgivable. they know ahead of time, that smile once again killing me. into your comfortable life. You just have to make it one more day for i really out. My veins full of hatred. Leave me with more different questions.