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This split ep has a unique twist in which both bands get the opportunity to cover each other. With their mutual tell-tales to the restlessness of uneventful days, misguided love lives, and internet addiction. You can almost feel the sweat and heartbreak of living in a tropical wasteland and playing in a band in your early to mid-twenties whilst suffering from severe Japanophilia. Both Woodcabin and whatthesparrowdidtoyou have been highly active on the Indonesian emo circuit. With all their songs especially directed towards a live sound it comes off as incredibly energetic. This ep is also one of the last showcases for whatthesparrowdidtoyou who have recently broke up, you will be sorely missed guys. Highly recommended if you would be comforted by the hypothetical notion where all cap’n jazz members were wota and enjoyed slice of life animes.

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released November 13, 2014

“Hayy” & “The Art of Common Internet Living” are
recorded at salza studio, soreang by a shithead young-adult around march 2014
“Remedial Chaos Theory” & “Hipeopletesa”
are recorded at ALS Studio around march 2014.

Mixed & Mastered by Emil Raji

Cover photo and skirt photos
by Rifat Attamimi
Layout Design by Toro Elmar


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Track Name: Woodcabin. - Hayy.
yeah there goes the plane
living out in a situation that
wasn't real
yeah time flies in the sky
hailing over on a disturbance,
well it goes anyway
why are you leaving?
japan, don't go home to japan.
Track Name: Woodcabin. - The Art Common of Internet Living (Whatthesparrowdidtoyou cover)
hey what the hell am i doing here waiting for this house to got burned and i bed the sky for a continous lightning bolt for sitting and thinking too much.
why are you so far away?
why don't you come and stay?
hey what the hell am i doing here for this house to got burned
and i did stumble upon the pavement just to wait for nothing.
Track Name: Whatthesparrowdidtoyou - Remedial Chaos Theory
Sat alone with a bored face
What are the odds? What's with the hype?I know my silence won't let me do anything. What I said to myself as you walk away.
Pink jacket, cute shirt. Helplessly look alike
Nice to meet you, dear everlasting fun.
Could you just lend me your attention for a while?
What I said to myself as you walk away.
Everything reminds me of you..
Track Name: Whatthesparrowdidtoyou - Hipeopletesa. (Woodcabin. cover)
People talking
People falling
among all things, I miss the star.

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